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Malware Advisor Blog

We now have a forums board setup!!!

In these forums you will find lots of good useful information and tips, not to mention you can post your questions and one of our members will be able to specifically address your issue.

Be sure and read about subscribing to anti-spyware updates! You can even subscribe to MS Critical Updates.

We also have an Emerging Security Threats section, which will provide the most important time sensitive alerts.

There is a vendors listing forums, tips for specific OSes forum, av-firewall  forum and many other related security sections, and a couple of general talk about it type forums too, we like to discuss the world as much as the next bunch.

There is even a freeware section moderated by Clif_Notes the creator of the Clif_Notes Newsletter
and Steven Burn developer of many, many freeware tools found at Ur I.T. Mate Group Product Support

Hope you enjoy this new addition to my site. To take advantage of the subscriptions, you must however, register. One note, all freeware based email domains are now blocked due to excessive spam abuse. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but it had to be done.

You can see a flash demo on how to register here.

TeMerc Internet Countermeasures Forums

Some great security blogs and other security related sites which I read regularly.

Ben Edelman

Ben's current research agenda includes analyzing methods and effects of spyware, uncovering affiliate commission fraud, evaluating registrations in new TLDs, and examining Internet filtering efforts by governments worldwide.

Spyware Warrior

Suzi was on the forefront of exposing many security software applications which were more interested in duping users rather than helping them. Were it not fro her many of you may not know of Rogue\Suspect Anti-Spyware. She in collaboration with Eric Howes created the list we all use.

Wayne Porter @ ReveNews

Wayne is yet another writer such as Suzi, and is former CEO of XBlock Systems, now the Senior Director of Greynet Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He also has spoken to the FTC trying to help them determine the difficult job of describing or putting a definition to adware\spyware\malware.

Vital Security.org


This site is manned by Paperghost, recently named MS MVPs. Detailed a potential exploit in Firefox that could indirectly infect IE. Also was the first one to find the initial installing method of one of the most notorious infections running thru the forums now, Aurora\Nail.exe infection. Read about it here. He is also the Security Research Manager for FaceTime Communications.


Webhelper has dedicated his life it seems to tracking every bit of evidence he can about nearly every malicious software installing site on the net. The owners of these sites fear him. Patrick is now employed by Sunbelt Software, makers of CounterSpy AntiSpyware