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About TeMerc Internet Countermeasures

Welcome to my new site, TeMerc Internet Countermeasures. If your one of the TeMerc Internet Security Site  members, be advised I will no longer post any updates or news information on that site, as of Feb. 18, 2005.

This site will be where everything is now posted. I now have a forum set up with many different categories for you to post requests for help with tech, software, hardware, and of course help with adware\spyware\malware. All the content from the MSN site has been transferred here, but its in a much more organized state. I think you will find it much easier to navigate.

The focus of this new site and forums is still, and always will be to provide user who are new to security a place to come and get straight forward, plainly explained information regarding Internet security. It is aimed towards the home user with 1 or 2 other machines on a small network.

My aim is to provide you with enough information and knowledge of security to prevent you from getting infected with any of the many adware\spyware and the more malicious malwares currently being purveyed on the Net.


What are adware\spyware and malware?

In short, adware can be as innocent as a small icon on a webpage, or it can be the more annoying popup, or pop under. Some are flash animated, using up your bandwidth, and slowing the DL of the page\site. And no matter how new you are to the Internet or security, we all know what they are. And I am sure, everyone has found or bought something they just knew they couldn't live without, from one of these popup ads right?

Spyware is adware with a twist. Usually it will install without you ever knowing it. It could be as innocent as a date miner, or as invasive as a bit of software that actually tracks the sites you go to and visit, and report back to a main server. The generally submitted reasoning for this 'profiling analysis' is to provide you, the user, with even more ads then the regular popups, but targeted towards the types of sites you visit, sort of like a 'concierge' of sorts. Uh-huh. If your buying that, I have some really nice ocean view property here in Arizona I want you to buy.

Now we move onto malware, a fairly new form of annoyance. This is adware\spyware combined to usually make your surfing a general nightmare. Browser hijacking, search page hijacks, all sorts of amazingly annoying things, all with the convoluted idea, that you want to be re-directed to all types of porn sites, drug sale sites and goodness knows what else. Not to mention all the extra bits of software that gets added to your machine, dragging down its performance and overall usability. Talk about misguided intentions. Actually, no, they are not misguided, because the only thing they care about, is getting you re-directed to one of their affiliate sites, and collecting the .023 they get for doing that. That's right, for each and every time you or someone else gets re-directed, some little worm of a company, gets paid. And here you thought they did this just for fun.

New PC?  You Still Need Security Apps

OK, just because you have a new pc, doesn't mean you don't have to worry about security. Heck, some manufacturers add their own form of what can be considered ad/spyware. HP and Compaq are the ones I see most mentioned in the security forums. Sometimes its just an innocent BHO. Innocent to them maybe, but we don't need any help, thank you very much.

Some other apps include 'updaters'. These can be used to simply get updates for a particular app. Or, it can also gather surfing habits, bits of info about you (those would be malware), and send them back to servers. All to, in many cases, 'enhance the habits of the end user'. Yeah, right!! More like, all to enhance our bottom line, by collecting money from these people for directing you towards a site that they want to get more hits on. And also to feed the ad companies. They all do it to some extent.

And, while I'm mentioning new pc's, you would think your brand spanking new unit would be all up to date, with critical patches and every do dad to go out and about into the WWW, right? WRONNNNNGGG!!!!

The first site you need to hit, is Windows Update. Check for all critical updates, along with any others that you may find useful. Not all apply to every machine. Of course, right after that, you come to my page here, and tighten things up, with proper security apps, and safe guards.

So, Dorothy, you see, there really is a good reason to be concerned. OZ is never what it seems to be, and clicking your heels, isn't always the way to get back home.

What Else?

I will also provide breaking news items, and news related to the security\privacy sector of the Internet. You can also get MS updates and info on newly found MS\IE exploits, along with a select group of anti-spyware applications. All of which I strongly suggest you install.

Not to mention, also keep you abreast of the latest bits of nasty adware\spyware and malwares currently making their way thru the security forums I frequent.


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