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From Eric Howes Website About Anti-Spyware Applications

By all accounts, trying to find an anti-spyware app has become increasingly difficult. As threats expand to include different ways of covert install, anti-spyware vendors constantly update and improve their products. This can lead to an over whelming amount of information and presentation of said information. Eric has gone thru all the trouble of examining, in detail, many of the most popular anti-spyware apps features, and has presented the results into a greatly written, easy to decipher webpage for all to benefit.

The next few links are all about the never ending confusing world of anti-spyware programs. Until recently, there was no way regular users of the Internet could find a comprehensive list of programs of which to get unsolicited information, reviews and testing. In stepped Eric L. Howes.
By all counts, Eric has created a series of lists, tests and comparisons of most of the major players involved in this sector of anti-spyware programs which has become the go to source in this area.

His exhaustive work in researching and digging out the differences, abilities, resemblances and scams is a true testament to his undying desire to help all of us regular folks, make informed, logical decisions on which apps are best suited for keeping the bevy of unwanted parasites awaiting us with every click. We are all the more secure due to his dedication.
With the growing concern of adware, spyware and malware being installed via unethical methods, the anti-spyware apps available to help identify and remove unwanted threats, has grown to an almost overwhelming number.

While many sites offer 'testing and comparison' lists, these can and are in many cases, sponsored by some of the companies in question, thereby making the results seem rather dubious. Not to mention, many tests rarely if at all use a malware payload of any significant number, thereby giving a rather small picture of how any one app may perform.

The testing presented below, by Eric, are extremely well documented, with a huge payload of malwares, installed via a popular, well known app which routinely installs lots of instances of unwanted 'extras'.

To date, (Mar. '07) there are approximately 336  rogue\suspect apps listed. A number that is guaranteed to grow. The links below will bring you to the pages created by Eric after an amazing amount of work. Be sure to consult the notes section at the bottom of the list for more information about the list and how it is constructed. Some applications with an entry below have been de-listed. Entries for those applications remain to point to explanatory notes below the main list If you don't find an application included on the main list of "rogue/suspect" anti-spyware products below, you might also consult the list of lesser known anti-spyware applications that are not considered "rogue/suspect". To see some of the most recommended and trusted anti-spyware apps, see the Trustworthy Anti-Spyware Products section. These apps have been tried an tested over a good period of time, and most often recommended by all the security forums which are members of ASAP, and just about any other respectable security forum on the Net.