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Tutorials Links

Now that you have read all about the security apps on the other pages of this site, here I will link you to some installation tutorials for them. Most, done by Bleeping Computer They are some of the best, if not the best, with screenshots and information of usage, updating and more.


 Spybot Search & Destroy v1.5   Installation Tutorial

Here are the basics for setting up Spybot. Nicely done. See this link for  v1.4  improvements, released June2, 2005.

 Ad-Aware 2007 June 19 Installation Tutorial

All you need to know for proper install and settings.

 SpywareBlaster Installation Tutorial  v3.5.1

How to install, setup and update w\screenshots. See this link for  v3.5.1 improvements, released Jan. 1 2006

View a flash tutorial here, from COU.

     SpywareGuard v2.2 Install Tutorial

From Bleeping Computing, another great job. See this link about SpywareGuard's infrequent updates.

View a flash tutorial here, from COU

   WinPatrol 2007 12.2.2007 Oct 30

Basic explanation of features contained within WinPatrol.

  Hosts File Installation Tutorial

By the creators of MVPS Hosts File.

 HijackThis! Tutorial       

Excellent usage tutorial by Bleeping Computer. I strongly advise against anyone trying to decipher a HJT list without proper training. You will find tutorials for doing so on some sites. DO NOT TRY IT. The people who give the instructions on what to remove and why to remove it have been trained over a long period of time. Trust them.

IE-SPYAD Installation Tutorial

Detailed installation of IE-SPYADs