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Countermeasures Heroes In The Fight

On this page, I will list the people whom I feel are some of the most aggressive, informed, educated and most importantly, dedicated people fighting the fight against all forms of unwanted parasites. They are uncompromised in their focus of providing the real truths beyond what the people who purport to be truthful say. With unwavering determination, many times in the face of possible litigation, they continue to inform and advise. Read each of their respective sites frequently to stay on top of the latest threats out in the WWW.

Spyware Warrior  

This is what started it all for Suzi, the owner of Spyware Warrior Forums. She never expected it would grow as it has. A testament to how unaware, yet concerned, others are regarding the troubling methods some of these alleged anti-spyware creators have stooped to try and take your $30. Loads of amazing reading if your into seeing how these types operate. Suzi exposes these people in more than one way. She can find out how many other domains these people operate on, what other scams they have invested in and all sorts of amazing information. She is constantly under the threat of legal action, but to date, not one single threat has been able to stand up to the truth.

Eric L. Howes

Eric has become one of the most informed resources regarding any anti-spy application currently available on the Net. He tests them in a controlled precise, and documented atmosphere with no regard to who makes the product and receives no monetary gains for his substantive efforts. He is one of the most prolific writers I have ever read. Reading his threads in various forums over the past year or so as he takes on developers of the applications he tests has been one of the most interesting reading I have done. With an incredible amount of composure, and knowledge, he simply cannot be bested in exposing flaws and other inconsistencies with so many different applications. And nor can he be out written. His own site is a testament to privacy and security available to all. The applications he has developed help countless users of the Internet surf safely every day.


This gentleman is another amazing man of dedication. He has taken on the task of exposing one of the most notorious group of people on the Internet today, the Transponder Gang. This group is responsible for two of the nastiest infections currently being downloaded from the Net via a series of hundreds and hundreds of websites across the globe, CoolWebSearch and VX2. He relentlessly tracks and exposes all they do. From one day to the next, again, doing so, as so many of these countermeasure heroes do, for no monetary gains, he helps make the Web a safer place for the likes of the regular Joe\Jane Web user.

 Ben Edelman

Ben is another hero of the Web users across the Internet. His writings are always clear concise and he has been a consultant in many malware related legal actions against some of the biggest offenders. He has collected and documented several instances of known adware companies practices of installing unwanted programs which cannot be stopped, short of pulling the plug on the pc. He also has documented some of the most absurdly long EULAs ever conceived. I post regularly his writings in many of the forums I visit.

  Andrew Clover\DoxDesk

Andrew maintains an excellent site which has recently been updated with all the latest info regarding the lowlife scum who push unreliable and questionable anti-spyware programs. He is a vocal outspoken and well educated in the area of these parasites. Always great information contained here.

TeMerc Internet Countermeasures: Member Since Feb. 2004  ASAP  (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals)

This organization was formed when the filth who write the likes of CoolWebSearch, and VX2 among other forms of malware infections, decided to launch a DDoS attack on SpywareInfo back a year or so ago. It was decided that there needed to be more than one place to go to if such a thing happened again, or, if for some other reason, users could not access the site to get help in removing invaders from their computers. All the forums listed with ASAP, can be trusted for good quality advice for removing infections from your machine. Also, any individual who is a member can also be trusted for his advice in malware related removal.

http://www.mvps.org Microsoft MSMVPs

The people in this devoted group have been recognized by Microsoft to have been an invaluable help to the Internet community in any number of ways. Many of them are developers of applications used in the fight against malwares. Advice from any of their respective websites, can be advice well taken.


Merijn is the developer of many applications used to fight malwares, especially related to CoolWebSearch infections. His 2 tools, CWShredder & HijackThis! have been invaluable in removal of many infections across the board. HijackThis is a staple of all malware removal procedures. It should not ever be used by the untrained user, as it is a powerful application, and can render a machine useless if not used with care. He also has many other tools used for malware removal on his home page.

 Castle Cops

This extensively designed and maintained site is full of all sorts of information and news. They provide a huge forums section, with many of the vendor specific forums hosted there. Paul who is the owner of the site, has written some excellent articles regarding the COAST downfall. This site is also home to one of the larger back rooms for malware analysis and research as well. Many of the ASAP individual members along with Merijn develop strategies to combat these infections.

 Bill Pytlovany, creator of WinPatrol

The developer of this free program Bill Pytlovany should be held in as high a regard as the likes of Patrick M. Kolla, the developer of Spybot Search & Destroy . Though, for some reason, Scotty The Windows Watchdog has never gotten the credit he so deserves. This little application can stop a trojan dead as they tries to install. It runs quietly in the background, never a peep until needed. Has some very nice features and couldn't be easier to install.

 Patric Kolla, creator of Spybot Search & Destroy

In this PCWorld article he gives some insight into his drive to develop the program and why he feels it important to keep it free. Along with addressing the scam sites which use his products name to fool people into thinking they are getting the original.

Wayne Porter of ReveNews, SpywareGuide and FaceTime

Long an advocate of having to use the Internet without abusive, intrusive amounts of 'bundled' adware, drive by downloads and overzealous marketing, Wayne has made it his mission, thru all the above related enterprises he is involved in, to help the regular Joe Internet user keep his machine free and clear of anything they didn't want installed. Thru his blog, at ReveNews, he informs us all about the many multifaceted aspects of whats going on behind the scenes with some of the more dubious adware companies. And because of his 'insiders' position, gets the attention of them, to perhaps guide them back into the light of legitimacy. Always an interesting read to be found, and an inspiration to all the rest of the malware fighters out there.

  Chris Boyd, AKA Paperghost

PG, as we all call him, has gone into the trenches, deep within enemy lines, undercover and undiscovered on more than one occasion. The information he has cultivated thru the course of these infiltrations has led to the discovery of the Xpire / Splitinfinity IFRAME redirect hack to name just one amazing bit of information. He also was the first to find that you could get infected thru a cross browser applet exploit which has led at least one browser developer to change their coding. PG is also a MS MVP. If he gets your company or website in his sights, you might as well give up, because he will expose you for what your doing, sooner or later. You can see what he did to Direct-Revenue, along with help from Wayne Porter, here.