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Countermeasure Zeroes

On this page, as the other half of 'Heroes' I will list the people\groups\vendors whom I feel contribute nothing of any value in any way shape, manner or form to the Internet. Typically, they are the ones who promote in one form or another the malwares which the likes of the 'Heroes' all fight to expose. On top of being behind the oh so obvious malwares being shoved down users throats, they have the gall to blame 'third party affiliates' for all of it and expect us to buy that excuse. Each link below goes to appropriate info about them.


One of the most offensive bunch of greedy lowlifes I've come across since being involved with malware. Not that their product in and of itself is malware mind you, but it's all the sneaky underhanded, backdoor way they trick most users into installing their crapware.

Shoddy affiliates are their biggest weapon. Unsuspecting users are their best friends. People who don't quite read the entire EULA or just want to get something installed quickly and miss a little detail about 'ad supported adverts' or the like. No matter how you slice it, nothing good comes from this software being installed, except of course to make the owners rich. Very rich.


Another group of sleazy low life scumbags ripping off users across the Net with their bundled adware foisted upon unsuspecting Netizens. After recent write ups by spyware researchers, they launched a DDoS attack against Webhelper. After recovering from the attacks, he promptly setup DollarRevenue Tracking Page to document each and every site they are affiliated with, along with all the advertisers and any other operations they are involved with.

Transponder Gang

This group of individual & businesses is responsible for 2 of the biggest most difficult infections to remove off a computer on the Internet, CoolWebSearch Infections  and VX2\Look2Me\Transponder. They have been infecting computers via their huge ownership of sites for years, and the list grows weekly, if not daily. Click on a link, and your machine could be brought to a virtual standstill, dragged down by the vast amount of malware and infections they DL onto your machine. If we could rid the Internet of this bunch, I would have to find a new hobby. See this amazing article which exposed the trappings that appeared online at MSNBC . Also follow this thread in our forum to keep up to date with the latest findings on their activity.

Rogue\Suspect Anti-Spyware Apps

Pretty much any program on this list can be considered a Zero. From outdated databases, to databases stolen from other legitimate programs to deceptive trickery in advertising. Even one vendor who threatened to write spyware into his product! Truly amazing the lengths some people will do for a few dollars. Now listing approximately 300 apps.


This is an organization which started out with humble beginnings. But early on Lavasoft, in what almost appears to be a moment of clairvoyance, one of the original founders of COAST, resigned from the group. Since then, it has been nothing but a slow slide downhill into a self inflicted decision to admit to their ranks the likes of WhenU & 180Solutions. With the recent resignations of Webroot and Pest Patrol the only vendors left are all of questionable ethics and tactics in one form or another. UPDATE***COAST Dissolved: Read here.

The following list of adware vendors get a special section as zeros, because they have seen fit to try and get anyone who seems to think their app is inappropriately labeled, spyware or malware, by threatening legal action against a small group of vocal critics, and some anti-spyware vendors to boot. Needless to say, their lawyers are making a bundle because nothing they claim can be substantiated in any way. More so, they are so far off the point in one case, its laughable.


They were the first to try legal threats, first against Castle Cops, then against Suzi. You can follow along in this thread in our forums to see how well they made out, but suffice it to say, they did nothing except waste their money. They were even challenged by Mike Healan\Spyware Info to come and get him. Guess who has never heard a word since?

Direct Revenue  Update: Direct Revenue Shut Down!

This group is part and parcel of the Transponder Gang. This time the target was Eric Howes. Another fruitless effort to quite the people. Good thing they have all of that money to waste. Recently, Paperghost of Vital Security.org got the bug to make these guys pay for doing what they do, with regards to one of the latest malware threats, the Aurora\Nail infection. I'd be quivering in my boots if I were them.


These guys are still yet another company wasting time, money and energy. They are trying to get Bill Pytlovany\WinPatrol to remove their name from being listed in WinPatrol's section of programs running. Read that again.....all WinPatrol does is 'list the programs running'......thats it!! Now, what idiot gave the go ahead for this action to be taken up? I'll keep these updated as needed.

Marketing Metrix Group (Site taken down, see below)

This is the group which was responsible for bundling Aurora into Bitorrent, as was discovered by MS MVPS Security Expert Paperghost. Since he exposed their devious tactics, firstly, they were hacked, then I guess they decided to keep a low profile, because now you get a blank page. Its amazing what one man can do, these guys are the latest to be added to this list.

Hosting companies EST.Domains and Inhoster\InterCage Now Considered Part Of Russian Business Network

These two hosting companies may have more websites hosting malware than they do that don't and yet suffer no consequences for it. You can read some about Inhoster\InterCage here at Bluetack Internet Security Solutions

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