New Position At Malwarebytes

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New Position At Malwarebytes

Postby TeMerc » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:09 pm

Hello least any that may drop by, the place is a ghost town and that's partly my own fault. :oops:

My work at Malwarebytes support for the last 8 years+ has consumed all my time and when I had time, I was not inclined to keep this site updated.

That being said, I've just moved over to our Web Research Labs where I'll be working on tracking malicious URLs and IPs for inclusion into our Malwarebytes databases and I'm thrilled to be doing it, joining MysteryFCMs team there. YHOO

I'm not sure I'll have any time to expend here or not. At the very least I'm hoping to find someone to perhaps update the main site, it's pretty sad atm. My coding sucked, still does. [;] n0lo0

Anywho, just figured I'd drop a note for anyone that stumbles into the joint.

Tom 'TeMerc' Mercado chrz

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