Important information for users of Avira Anti-Vir products

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Important information for users of Avira Anti-Vir products

Postby zaphod » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:51 am

Avira recently updated their free (and probably commercial) software to include a new category in the "Extended Threat Category".

The install update goes smoothly, and doesn't say a thing about this. BUT, it is UNCHECKED on install, and it needs to be activated! This is an important category!

Here is the OLD version's menu...

If your version still looks like this, open the MAIN PROGRAM (not the configurator) and do a product update...
This will update your AV with the new detection engines, threat categories, as well as the new signatures (which are the only things that come down during a normal update!)

If you updated, or have the new version anyway, you will see a new category...
Better check/tic it. It is important!

Zap :)
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