MS Security Essentials test shows 98% detection rate

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MS Security Essentials test shows 98% detection rate

Postby Spudz » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:42 am

October 1st, 2009
MS Security Essentials test shows 98% detection rate for 545k malware samples
Posted by Dancho Danchev @ 10:20 am

[According to recent tests conducted by aiming to measure the performance of Microsoft’s Security Essentials, the freeware application achieved 98% detection rate for 545k malware samples including viruses, bots, trojan horses, backdoors and Internet worms, also achieving 90.95% detection rate for 14,222 adware/spyware samples it was tested against.

However, didn’t find any effective “dynamic detection” features (HIPS/behavior blocking) in place, and therefore samples with malicious behavior were not detected due to the application’s reliance on malware signatures only.

Testing MS’s Security Essentials is one thing, benchmarking it against other market propositions is entirely another. What both of these practices have in common, is the potential to leave the end user with a false feeling of security (Does free antivirus offer a false feeling of security?) by ignoring the fact that antivirus software is only a part of their defense in-depth security strategy (Secunia: popular security suites failing to block exploits; Secunia: Average insecure program per PC rate remains high).
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