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XP Gone After June, But What's That Mean, Exactly?

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:15 am
by TeMerc
Posted by Steven Parker
Will Windows XP really no longer be on sale after June 30?
Sorry for the double negative, but no. All this means is that Microsoft will stop selling the OS. Finding a computer with XP preinstalled will likely be very difficult, as well. However, you'll still be able to find copies for the foreseeable future, and likely the unforeseeable one, too. See for yourself: You can find copies of just about any Microsoft product, including ancient versions of Windows and even MS-DOS, by simply searching online. But hang on to your current copy of Windows XP. You may need it down the road if you don't want to move to Vista.

Will I be forced to upgrade to Vista soon?
No. But it will get harder and harder not to, especially since new software and peripherals are likely to stop working with XP. That could take years.

Will my XP machine stop working in June?
No, but Microsoft will stop releasing non-security software updates to the masses on April 14, 2009. But let's be clear: XP will continue to "work" even after this point.

Will Microsoft shut off product activation for XP after June?
No, that would be crazy. While no one has said this will happen, it's conceivable that Windows could shut down product activation for XP at some point. But that would only happen after XP reaches its end-of-support term (when all support plans expire). The good news for you: That happens on April 8, 2014, which should be plenty of time to get the kinks worked out of Vista-or switch to a Mac, Linux, or anything else. Bottom line: Your copy of XP will work, totally legally, for at least six more years.

What about after 2014?
Well, that's unclear. But it's possible XP will stop being installable at that point. Microsoft's official policy is that these dates have "no affect [sic] on how long you can use a product," which may imply product activation will work forever
Can I install XP on a PC that has Vista already on it?
Yes. You can delete any partition with any OS on it (and reformat it) during the installation of XP. If you're feeling brave, you can even run both OSes at the same time by setting up a dual-boot machine.
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Re: XP Gone After June, But What's That Mean, Exactly?

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:20 am
by TeMerc
Unconfirmed: XP lives on; Zune and Audible compatibility
Given the state of the tech news world of late (prognosis: poor), I want to be very clear about these "news" items. They're unconfirmed. Each arrived via email. I've done absolutely no research at all--not even ten seconds worth--to confirm whether they're real. Therefore, take each with the appropriate grain of salt. Heck, ignore them completely. It's Friday.

Windows XP Support to Continue through 2012
Robert Y received the following email from his Dell representative:
Recently I have been receiving a lot of emails regarding Windows XP end of life. Please be aware that Dell will continue to offer XP Pro preloaded through 2012. We will ship XP Professional on Dell Optiplex, Latitude and Precision machines with a free upgrade path to Windows Vista.

Zune and Audible Update
Jerry D forwarded me the following email he received from Audible regarding compatibility with the Zune:
I understand that you have contacted us today in regards to whether or not the Microsoft Zune is compatible with our service. We have great news! After much anticipation, Audible and Microsoft have completed negotiations on making the Zune AudibleReady! While we do not have an exact date as to when the device will be officially AudibleReady, we expect to make the Zune compatible before years end. Our Device Center on our website will be updated upon the Zune becoming compatible, so please be sure to check there periodically.

Expect a full report from Kevin McLaughlin, citing sources close to Microsoft. :)
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