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Postby chiawaikian » Fri Dec 23, 2005 5:35 am

[url=[/url]Official ewido anti-malware forum hosted by Wilders.[/url]
[url=[/url]Official ewido anti-malware beta forum hosted by Wilders.[/url]

[url=[/url]ewido anti-malware[/url]

In Greek mythology, the Trojan Horse was a ruse of war with which the Greeks succeeded in invading and destroying the supposed unconquerable city of Troy. This historical occurrence gave its name to the spying-tools today known as "Trojans".

With this kind of malicious software attackers can invade someones computer which is connected to the Internet and take complete control. Whole hard drives with sensitive data on it can be copied, the system changed or destroyed and the user of the computer can be spied on. Conventional protection measures like a virus scanner or a firewall often do not protect the user from such an attack because of the intelligent programs being able to bypass such protection measures.

The only way to be secure from such an attack is either to never connect to the internet or to install software especially developed for protection from Trojans. With ewido anti-malware, you can protect and observe your PC continuously. A guard that is active in the background (plus-version), checks every suspicious file before being executed for potential danger and thus prevents Trojans from even getting installed on your PC.

Furthermore, it is possible at any time to scan any file or the whole hard drive and search for already installed and active Trojans.

They are often masked as a supposed update of famous software or even an anti-trojan tool and are reaching their victim via e-mail or download from the World Wide Web. Occasionally they integrate themselves into real updates of other software and install themselves secretly onto your hard drive.

Trojans rapidly take turns with viruses because of their aggressiveness and potential danger for the internet user. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to protect oneself with effective precautions.

ewido anti-malware protects you even with the free version comprehensively from this threat and contains further tools for making the work with the Internet and your data more secure.

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