AntiHook Free - not really "free"

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AntiHook Free - not really "free"

Postby MysteryFCM » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:19 pm

Alas I'm getting rather bored with the "free" this "lite" that .... but here's what really gets my goat .....

A commercial license is required to redistribute any AntiHook binaries directly (whether by computer media, a file server, an email attachment, etc.) or to embed them in- or link them to- another program.

Okay, so you can download and install it, but you can't for example, put it on a flash drive to put on a friends computer?, or put it in a software archive incase the authors site goes down for whatever reason? - where exactly is the logic here?

Oh, I know .... here it is;

"OH NOES!, if they distribute it, teh users won't visit my site and buy the commercial edition!!!! - we can't have that, lets restrict the hell out of them!!!"

Probably a little exageration, but probably not far from the thinking that went into the decision .....

Anyway, the homepage is at;

It claims you don't need to register for the free version (which to be honest, begs the reason for the registration link being there)

Q: How do I get a registration key for AntiHook?

A: For the free Home Version (version 2.6 onwards) you do not need a registration key. If you are still using an earlier version you need to upgrade to the latest. For all commercial users of AntiHook, please send us an email to antihook[REMOVED] and we will arrange your registration key.

Needless to say, the above and the fact part of it requires .NOT means thats all the attention it'll be getting from me .....

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