Reasonable Anti-Phishing

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Reasonable Anti-Phishing

Postby MysteryFCM » Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:47 pm

Why Reasonable Antiphishing?

Unlike typical antiphishing software using phishing report mechanism, Reasonable Antiphishing proactively detect possible fake web sites to protect your bank account, credit card information and online account like PayPal, eBay, Citibank and HSBC.
Reasonable Antiphishing also detects fraud web site in emails and web pages.


Proactively detect fraud web sites
User-defined list of protected web sites
Evolved web technology measures


Protect your access to your valuable financial account.
Domain name protection
Webpage appearance protection

Extracting the contents of the installer doesn't show it to be upto much, and it requires .NOT so testing will have to wait till I get my test machine fired up ....

Alas, the blatant mention of "Free" suggests this to be possibly going pay/trialware once it's out of beta (suprise suprise)

Installer Size: 3 MB

System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003 server.

What, no mention of .Net?, but the program told me it's required dammit!!!!!!

This program was previously known as SiteWatcher, from

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