BREDOLAB Revealed!

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BREDOLAB Revealed!

Postby Spudz » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:34 am

BREDOLAB Revealed!
6:48 am (UTC-7) | by Jessa De La Torre (Threat Response Engineer)

When BREDOLAB entered the threat landscape several months ago, it was initially thought of as a common downloader (that downloads executable files) designed for malware infection only. However, Trend Micro researchers noticed a sudden increase in its activities by August 2009. This made our researchers delved more on the inner workings and behaviors of BREDOLAB.

Our analysis then observed BREDOLAB’s connections to two notorious malware families, FAKEAV and ZBOT/ZeuS. The samples always include the aforementioned malware in its download repertoire. Adding BREDOLAB in their long list of carriers, these malware families are mostly focused on information and financial theft.

Continues at Trend Micro Malware Blog
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