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MoRun Sticker Lite

Postby TeMerc » Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:04 pm

Sticker Lite is FREE Sticky Notes software that allows you to create computer sticky notes to keep all information you have to remember on your PC desktop.

Friendly user interface lets you start using this sticky note program within minutes. Sticker Lite automatically saves all sticky notes changes as soon as they occurred. So there is no need to save your notes manually.
0-= MoRun Sticker Lite

Tom wrote:Ok, now this app really is free, not like that other calendar app I tried. >><

It has a very simple easy to use interface as it says. Transparency mode is nice and the kb shortcuts work great. .

If I wanna see 'em, Ctrl +S....hide 'em, Ctrl +H.....make new one,, Ctrl +N. Check it out.

The only limitation with the free version, is you can only make 10 'stickies' total, but you can delete old ones. For me that works great, I just threw out about 8-10 different little pieces of paper off my desk

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