Save & Restore Desktop Icon Positions

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Save & Restore Desktop Icon Positions

Postby bem » Mon Feb 11, 2008 11:02 pm

This is another small but effective script that I have become fond of over the years. Like the Copy To/Move To script it offers no fancy GUI, bells and whistles or other features not implied by the name. If you are like a lot of us, having Windows stack all your icons on the left in the order of it's choosing can make finding what you want a bit of a hunt. I separate everything into 'logical' (for me :) ) groups around the desktop so that I can at least search through smaller groups to find what I'm after. When you have them placed where you want them, simply right click on a clear area on the desktop to save the icon positions. Then, no matter what else happens, you can always right click again and restore them right where you want them.

I forget where I first ran across it. The first time I lost my setup to a malware and went back for it, it bore the stamp of Kanex, and was at Apparently they've moved on to other things as it is no longer available there. In fact, nothing but 'Quick Pop' seems to be. Thank goodness for archives on the web! While it is listed at Pricelessware the link in the archive is to the home page that no longer works for this. I finally located a download site at Caiman, primarily a gaming site. I subjected the download to every test at my disposal and it comes up clean. In all respects, it appears to be the one on my own PC.

If not, someone here can surely fix the mischief... <<! Not!!

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