Winwall - rotate your desktop wallpapers automatically

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Winwall - rotate your desktop wallpapers automatically

Postby clif_notes » Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:34 pm

Winwall - rotate your desktop wallpapers automatically
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Review by Temerc
Having used Winwall for a few years now, I'd like to offer my comments on its performance.

Its extremely easy to use, with simple, very easy to figure out buttons. Lots of features to customize the appearances of any wallpaper you have. Downloading is quick, setup brief and once installed and settings changed to your desires, the product has worked flawlessly for me, on 3 different machines, Win 98 and 2 XPs, one Home, one Pro.

I have always listed it as one of my fav freewares. Why sit and stare at the same wallpaper all day? I have mine to change every 5 minutes. Want it to change every hour, you can do that. Want the wallpaper to be pixilated? You can do that. Want the wallpaper to have special visual effects? Got a bunch of those too. Its over all a realy nice little freeware app, I encourage all to give it a try.

Quote from the WebSite
Winwall allows you to change your wallpaper at random or at given time intervals. It comes with an easy-to-use interface giving you a huge range of functionality and ensuring only the best quality of wallpaper management.

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