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Tweak UI for Vista

Postby TeMerc » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:32 am

One of things I really miss in Vista is the free Microsoft Tweak UI program; it's for Windows XP only.

Tweak UI allows users to change a wide variety of Windows settings many of which are not accessible through the Control Panel For example you can remove the little arrow that displays in shortcut icons or control which removable drives have autoplayautoplay enabled. And there are dozens more

A couple of developers have made attempts at producing a Vista version but none has hit the mark with me. Until now, that is.

"Ultimate Tweaker Tweaker" for Vista is a free utility written by Ramesh Kumar, MVP.

The tweaks are classified under seven categories and can be accessed through a common interface, just like your Windows Vista Control Panel.
    1) Personalization,
    2) User Accounts & UAC,
    3) System & Performance,
    4) Security,
    5) Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8)
    6) Network Optimization
    7) Additional Options
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