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Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Tweak UI For Windows Vista

Postby TeMerc » Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:40 pm

Latest version 1.1, Updated on 6th Feb, 2009, to include over 150 tweaks.
What's new in Ultimate Windows Tweaker v1.1 ?

System Information: A new page has been added that shows basic information about your Windows and hardware configuration; like Windows edition, Service Pack level, Processor, RAM etc.

    - Show drive letters ENHANCED
    - Add custom instant search
    - Use small icons
    - Store and display a list of recently opened programs and total no of programs
    - Button grouping ENHANCED
User Accounts & UAC:
    - User Account Control ENHANCED and has user friendly interface.
System Performance
    - Menu speed moved from Personalization page
    - Services and performance tweaks re-arranged
Network Tweaks
    - Bandwidth optimization moved from IE page
Internet Explorer
    - Enable suggested sites
    - Enable Caret browsing on startup of IE
    - Enable clear type on HTML
    - Enable smooth scrolling
    - Notify when download complete
    - Enable to check exe's signature
    - Allow to run invalid signature exes
Additional Options
    - Add "Pin to Start Menu" and "Add to Quick Launch"
    - OEM information has separate place

Issue FIXED:
    - Detects default settings in clean installed Windows Vista
    - Windows Vista x64 issues fixed
    - DPI scaling problem fixed
    - Few tweaks re-arranged
    - Remove "-shortcut" suffix fixed
    - Remove shortcut arrow from shortcuts icon fixed
    - Suppress shutdown messages in Vista x86 issue on IE page

ADDED: Application minimizes to tray, along with a handy context menu. Helps to switch to appropriate page.

ADDED: Check For Updates link in About page.

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