Collusion Firefox Add-On Paints Picture of Web Tracking

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Collusion Firefox Add-On Paints Picture of Web Tracking

Postby Spudz » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:21 am

Most Internet users at this point understand that Web sites routinely and extensively track the behavior and movements of their visitors. It's an unsettling reality. But few people have a handle on just how widespread and pervasive the practice is. Now, a developer has released an add-on for Firefox called Collusion that enables users to see exactly which sites and third parties are tracking them, in real time.

The add-on is the work of Atul Varma, a Mozilla Labs employee, who created it as a way for users to get a little better understanding of the giant matrix of sites that all track and share data about user movements. The Collusion add-on shows users a visual representation of the constellation of sites, ad companies, social networks and others that follow users around the Web, drawing a compelling picture of just how much of this activity goes on.

In a blog post, Varma said that he developed Collusion as a sort of exercise to help educate users on how cookies and tracking on the Web work.

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Anyone used this addon?
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