Basic IM Security Practices

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Basic IM Security Practices

Postby TeMerc » Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:37 pm

Just a few basic tips to lower the risk of getting infected via an IM.
  • Always have your anti-virus and firewall running. With anti-virus, be sure your definitions are up to date.
  • Set your IM client to only receive IMs from people on your 'buddy' list. People who want to IM you who are not on your list, can email you with thier info to be added.
  • Never click on any link you receive via IM, even from your buddies, unless they have told you specifically what it is. Some of the lates IM worms actually 'talk' to you, so it's important you establish what is connected on the other end of that link. And you can do that by getting specific answers to any questions you ask. Because if your buddy is not as diligent as you, they could be infected and unbeknownst to them, trying to infect you.
  • Ditto with file DLs. Be sure your buddy knows that what they are sending is a secure file. If there is any doubt, save the file to your desktop then you can scan the file at one of these online scanners
  • Never publish your IM user name in any public arena. It can be picked up by malicious users so they can add you to thier buddy list to send you nasties.

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