36 Changes In Windows 7 RC

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36 Changes In Windows 7 RC

Postby TeMerc » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:40 am

We’ve been quite busy for the past two months or so working through all the feedback we’ve received on Windows 7. It should be no surprise but the Release Candidate for Windows 7 will have quite a few changes, many under the hood so to speak but also many visible. Some have asked if the featureset is "frozen" then what will we change--we change a lot of things in the beta based on feedback and we try to do so in a systematic manner with the focus on the goals for the release. The goal of having a fully functional Beta was to make sure we received reliable feedback and not a lot of "hey this doesn't work at all" sorts of reports. This has allowed us to really focus on delivering a refined RC where the changes we made are all the reflection of feedback we have received.

Building on the previous post that looked at the broad view of feedback, we want to start posting on the feedback and the engineering actions we’ve taken in responding to the feedback. We won’t be able to cover all the changes (as we’re still busy making them), but for today we wanted to start with a sampling of some of the more visible changes. We’re still on the same path working towards the release candidate and of course we know everyone is anxious for the next phase of our path to RTM. In the meantime, our full time machines are still running the Beta build.
    Windows Flip (ALT + TAB) with Aero Peek
    Windows Logo + <#> keyboard shortcut
    Needy State
    Taskbar “Open With”
    Taskbar scaling
    Anchoring taskbar thumbnails
    Newly installed programs
    Jump List length
    Increased pinning flexibility with Jump List
    Desktop icon and gadget view options
    Aero Peek for touch
    Multi-touch touch keyboard
    Multi-touch right-click
    Drag/Drop and selection
    Internet access feedback
    User Account Control
    Locking a machine without a screensaver
    Faster access to High Performance power plan
    Custom theme improvements
    Improved Internet Radio playback
    Improved playback support for video content from digital camcorders and cameras
    Cleaner Now Playing view
    Filtering content that cannot be played
    Resume from sleep
    Quieting Windows Media Player sync relationships
    Easier access to advanced settings
    Jump List improvement
    Enriching the Device Stage ecosystem
    Improving the headphone experience
    Increased audio reliability
    Improved header
    Reduced confusion with drag/drop
    Reviving familiar entry points
    FAT32 support
    Arrangement view enhancements
    Improving performance through data
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