Internet Explorer is now an optional feature in Windows 7

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Internet Explorer is now an optional feature in Windows 7

Postby TeMerc » Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:56 pm

Chakkaradeep Chandran 13 hours ago

Along with various other changes that are to be reflected in Windows 7 RC, here is a big change that is not in the list. From Windows 7 build 7048, Internet Explorer(IE) is an optional Windows feature and can be installed/uninstalled from Windows 7. This will be a welcoming (and surprising) news, especially to European Union and Opera who have accused Microsoft for not giving consumers a genuine choice of Web browsers.

If IE is upgraded to version 8 in Vista (from version 7), users do get an option to uninstall IE 8, but not IE 7. IE 7 remains an integral component of Windows Vista which cannot be removed.

To uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7:
    Go to Control Panel
    Open Programs
    Click Turn Windows features on or off
    Deselect Internet Explorer 8
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