How To Install Windows XP Mode In Windows 7

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How To Install Windows XP Mode In Windows 7

Postby TeMerc » Thu May 07, 2009 10:56 am

Windows XP Mode allows Windows 7 users to run Windows XP compatible applications in Windows 7. The main different between the Windows XP Mode and other software virtualization applications like Sun’s VirtualBox is that XP Mode seamlessly integrates into Windows 7. Microsoft is aiming at day to day users who need to run XP compatible software programs that do not work correctly in either Windows Vista or Windows 7 natively.

A typical virtual environment runs from its own virtual hard drive space. The Windows XP Mode on the other hand will share the hard drive and permissions with Windows 7 including
    • Clipboard sharing, which enables you to cut, copy, and paste data between the host Windows 7 desktop and the virtual machine
    • Printer sharing between the Windows 7 desktop and the virtual Windows environment
    • Drive sharing, which provides easy access to all host data from within the virtual machine
    • Folder integration between operating environments

Here is a quick overview on how to install Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.

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