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This forum is for tips, news and information about the next generation of Windows, now officially named 'Windows 7' as of Oct 13

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Windows 7 Links:

Postby TeMerc » Fri May 08, 2009 10:52 am

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 RC Upgrade
Microsoft has released an upgrade for the 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate RC that was released a few days ago. The update goes by the name “A folder that is created under the root of the system drive is missing entries in its security descriptor, which may cause some application failures on the English version. Continued @ Windows 7 News
Windows 7 Feature Walkthroughs
Microsoft has released a series of so called feature walkthroughs in the past months. Each feature walkthrough covers a specific aspect of the new Windows 7 operating system which is demonstrated in short videos. Kurt Shintaku’s has created a list of all available Windows 7 Feature Walkthroughs on his blog. Here is the list for
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Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
Looking at the system requirements of Windows 7 is one thing. Being able to compare them to the actual hardware build into a computer system another. Many computer users have limited knowledge about computer hardware which makes it extremely difficulty for them to find out if their computer system is able to run a specific
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