How To Create Custom Windows 7 Themes

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How To Create Custom Windows 7 Themes

Postby TeMerc » Thu May 14, 2009 10:47 am

One of the new changes that Microsoft has implemented into the Windows 7 operating system is the ability to create custom themes. Now, these custom themes do come not anywhere near the third party themes that exist for Windows XP or Windows Vista as they limit the elements that can be changed. This does not mean however that there will be no third party themes for Windows 7 at all. Users should see the custom theme creation option in Windows 7 as a way to create basic themes for the operating system without the need to patch system files or install third party software programs. Created custom themes can also be saved and shared with friends or colleagues.

The custom Windows 7 themes allow the user to change the desktop background, including the option to create a slideshow of desktop images that are changed automatically, the color scheme, sounds and screen saver with the option to save this theme on the computer system. This means that other elements that are usually modified by the Theme including the windows Taskbar or the Start Menu are not affected by the custom theme creation.

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