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RE: Ad-Aware SE Updates......

Postby TeMerc » Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:22 am

I suggested last week to remove Ad-Aware Personal (the free version) because Lavasoft wrote in their forum that the support for Ad-Aware SE ended Dec. 31, 2007. I'm now taking back that suggestion in removing Ad-Aware SE because....

It seems they only stop pushing the definitions file thru program updater for Ad-Aware SE because Lavasoft released new definitions last week (SE1R211) and today (SE1R212). But Ad-Aware SE users will need to get it manually: ... =948DEWk12 or

So to folks who are using Ad-Aware SE on their earlier edition of Windows (98/ME) and for you guys who prefer Ad-Aware SE over Ad-Aware 2007... you can still enjoy the free defs file (just download and extract it to the Ad-Aware SE directory, overwriting the old one). We don't know though until when the definitions will be available...
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