XSketch Brings Pictionary to the Web

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XSketch Brings Pictionary to the Web

Postby TeMerc » Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:08 pm

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Ever go to a party, and the host breaks out a board game--or worse, some game that requires the players to get up and make fools out of themselves in front of a drunken crowd? Now you can save yourself the embarrassment of having to perform in front of actual people with XSketch, a drawing game similar to Pictionary, that you can play on the Web. Sign up for an account and start raking in points.

XSketch is a Flash-based game where players "gather" around a "table," and one of the players is given a word they have to sketch out for the others. They start drawing their interpretation of the word, and the other players can log their guesses. The service checks each guess to see if it's a winner, and as soon as a player guesses the right word, the game stops. Both the winner and the player who sketched the word earn points based on how long it took to guess the correct word.

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