Some New Sports To Watch For On ESPN

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Some New Sports To Watch For On ESPN

Postby TeMerc » Thu May 15, 2008 11:09 am

Bog Snorkeling:
Imagine swimming down a disgusting ditch of stale, muddy, and often contaminated water for over a football field for . . . glory. This has become an annual contest, but one more likely to end up in infection or a tapeworm before receiving any trophy.

Dwile Flonking
You get to stand in a circle with your buds and throw dwiles soaked in beer at your buds while wearing kilts! What could be better? Maybe the fact that the most sober team technically loses in this European competition.

Elephant Polo
Although Ralph Lauren would say otherwise, polo doesn’t have to be played on a horse. That should make for an interesting new logo for the clothing line. Anyways, the only thing more exciting than playing polo on an animal as big as a horse is playing it on an animal 10 times its size!

Wife Carrying
Many men complain about having to give their wife money, the credit card, access to Desperate Housewives during a Redskins game . . . but what if you had to carry her in another way? That’s right, wife carrying is actually a sport.

Noodlin’Yes, there are many sports that would freak out the normal person . . . but nothing more than noodlin’. Normal people fish with rod, reels, hooks, bait, harpoons, or nets. These people fish with their hands. NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN BE MORE EXHILARATING THAN STICKING YOUR ARM IN A HOLE AND WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO BITE . . . and hopefully it is a catfish
Lawn Mower Racing
Yes, the very machine you use to cut your grass can also be modified into racecar status. Could this potentially rival Nascar one day? Time can only tell, but these machines can fly.

Camel Wrestling
When you think of camels the last word you think of is aggression. Camels are meant to ride, live in the desert, be fed casserole by Napoleon Dynamite, store water, and chew things. However, an acient sport has found them useful as entertaining in wrestling. I present to you the WWCF (World Wrestling Camel Federation).

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