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Removal Request

Postby QuinnEbert » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:39 pm


I am the managing administrator (and "endpoint" abuse contact) for the following URL, which I recently discovered was mentioned on WebOfTrust on "behalf" of your service:

My eventual goal would be to have you kind folks remove that URL (IP, perhaps it is) of ours from your list of spamvertised domains. If you actually go to that URL, you'll see that we really don't "gain" anything by having our services spamvertised (in fact, it makes us look like a bunch of fools). It would be more beneficial, in my opinion, to have you let me know more about where this URL (or, again, the IP, if that's all that's relevant) was seen to be advertised. As a student of a network security program at a regional university (with self-training-type experience in this area), I can appreciate that being able to truly "fix" the root of this problem is more important (and, in the end, more time efficient, for you folks) than just to de-list the IP/URL on our request.

Anyway, enough of my semi-aimless rambling. My desire here would be to have any (or, perhaps, both) of the following happen:
* Have our IP/URL delisted in your database
* Receive "back-trace" (historical/source) information from you, so that we can, if feasible, fix the source of this abusive activity.

I thank you in-advance for your consideration, and praise you guys for offering another means towards securing the often out-of-control network we call "the Internet." ;-)

Thanks again!
--Quinn Ebert

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Re: Removal Request

Postby MysteryFCM » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:07 pm

Apologies for taking so long. The IP was blacklisted in August 2009, due to a spam attempt on the hpHosts forums. No further information is available regarding this as last years logs and such were deleted months ago. However, I've now removed the IP from the blacklist.

Steven Burn
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