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Forums I Frequent

On this page you will find the forums I read or post to regularly.  In all of the listed forums, you can post a question regarding nearly anything. All of them have several different sections for a variety of things. Most all have a security section, which is where I post to most often.

WindowsBBS Forums

This forum is dedicated to all sorts of windows related information, with several MS MVPs on staff to assist users.

  Cexx Forums

After a long time of being over run by spammers and the like, this forum has now been reclaimed and is now back to it's former powerhouse of a site offering a place for users to get help with all sorts of malwares

Gladiator Security Forum Gladiator Security Forums

Good site for info relating to all sorts of tech related applications. Also has great news links.

Spyware Warrior  Spyware Warrior Forums

Forums setup by Suzi, creator Spyware Warrior Blog, one of the most popular spyware blogs.

  DSLR (Broadband Reports)

Excellent security section here, lots of good informative convos regarding all aspects of security, from desktop apps to networking of thousands of boxes.

PCMag Forums

Forums from the magazine. Not very busy, but lots of info related to reviews and good help sections.

   Bleeping Computing

This forum is probably one of the best online ones you can find. Almost everything you need to learn about can be found here. The best set of tutorials bar none.

  Castle Cops Forum

This forum has so many different sections, from specific vendor forums to general sections, you could get lost. It also has one of the busiest 'back rooms' you will find in regards to creating fixes for the latest malware threats.


This site is dedicated to all things related to your computer. Speed, performance, tech related all here. Security section always up to date, and also have a good newsletter.

Information About Windows and Broadband You Can Use! Scots Newsletter Forum

Home to Scots Newsletter, fairly good collection of info here.

Powered by Invision Power Board  SpywareBeware

Home to ASAP.

user posted image Bluetack Forums

I have recently begun to post updates and some news here. Lots of hi quality, advanced security programs and info here.

  Calendar of Updates Forum

This forum has some neat sections, namely the Product and Update forum, for discussing the updates posted on the calendar.

TeMerc Internet Countermeasures: Member Since Feb. 2004 ASAP approved forums.

These are all the forums approved under the ASAP charter to offer security assistance and information. Not all above listed are part of ASAP, but all are good forums.

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