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Malware Advisor Blog

I Think I'm Infected!!! Now What??

With so many different symptoms to try and sort out, it can be hard to decide what to do, or where to start. Begin with the steps below.

If you're not sure what type of infection you have, its best to try a couple of online av scans first. Worms\trojans and viruses do the most damage, 9 out of 10 times, so getting rid of them first should be a priority.

You should head over to either of the 2 following free, full system online av scans, do both to ensure you get as much as possible.

Be sure to have the 'Auto Clean' button ticked before you begin.

Another great online scan, and very good at finding malware files is:


This system suite has recently proven very good at detecting and removing some of the more difficult infections. Free fully functioning 30 day trial version. Save log for posting into forums.

Once you have scanned with all of those, next lets get antispyware scans going.

First lets begin with one of the best malware apps on the market, Ad-Aware 2007. Granted, in my opinion, they need to do some serious work on customer pr, see here and here, but it is still an effective tool, plus, it's free.

Next, we move onto the next best, but quickly closing in, due to the pr fiascos above by Lavasoft, Spybot Search & Destroy v1.5.

DL both, check for updates immediately, then let each remove\quarantine what each finds, rebooting in between each for a fresh look at your system.

Here are tutorials for both, by Bleeping Computer, by far and away, the best collection of tutorials on the net.

Once both of those have scanned and done their jobs, it would be nice if your machine was all back to normal. But in all too many cases, this does not always happen. Then, we move onto the next greatest app for malware inspection, Hijackthis. HijackThis will provide you with a listing of most everything running, starting and list in detail many of the components related to each bit of software on your machine. Extremely helpful in figuring out what's good or bad. Below is a brief tutorial explaining just how HijackThis works to assist trained specialists in removing unwanted software from your PC.

You can DL HijackThis from here.

Save the zip file to your desktop. Then create a new folder on your C drive, called either 'HJT or 'HijackThis' and extract the files to that folder. Click here for a link on how to extract files.

The reason for installing it into its own folder is that when you have it 'Fix' anything that a trained HJT analyst has asked you to 'Fix', HJT makes backups and puts them into that folder which we can access easily, should we need to do so for recovery. Do not, in any instance use HJT to fix anything yourself. One wrong item removed, and you can paralyze your box. Let us do it in the forums.

Now your ready to post your log into our forums here.

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