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Newbie Reading

For those of you who are new to general Internet security, on this page I will list a few links which will address things in general, not too overly done with techno babble. They offer a quick overview of things you need to keep in mind. As I find some more sites\pages which relate, I will add them here.

Nice Read For New PC Owners

Many of you are new to the tech scene, with either new desktops or laptops. With that in mind, its time to talk about making them secure and keeping them that way.

But how many of you realize that this computer is already vulnerable? How can this be? How can a brand new computer be vulnerable? There are many reasons for this:

Areas of discussion:

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Below I will list a few things that a new PC owner, who is unfamiliar with the Internet, should never do, and I will give you examples of what can happen, if you do them.

Consequences Of Ignoring these recommendations

You may already be infected, click this link and follow directions for malware removal

Possible consequences of ignoring the above recommendations

Castle Cops Windows Security Check List

No one application nor technique can protect you at 100%, but you can get pretty close to that. When these guidlines are followed by Windows users, it can bring their chances of being infected by malwares almost to zero.

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