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I've chosen the software listed on the following pages of which I have every confidence in their stability and reliability but cannot say that some system configurations may not be as well suited as others to run them. System suites usually work better on systems containing larger amounts of RAM. Some security software can conflict with similar software. Not all the products listed work on all operating systems, so be sure you check that the one you decide to purchase works on your operating system.

Some of the software I have used or are currently using on one of my systems.

Several offer trial versions and I would advise taking advantage of the trial to ensure you're system will operate properly and to assess you feel comfortable with its use.

As a good practice always back up your data and set a system restore point (if it applies to your system) before installing new software to ensure a recovery process if needed.

Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware, adware or malware are forms of software which is installed via any number of ways. It could be due to an exploit in Windows or through lax security settings in your browser. This type of software can track and monitor your browsing habits and  collect your personal info for sale on the dark side of the Net. Some freeware applications come bundled with adware. Every system should have at least one anti-spyware application to guard against these installs and to remove unwanted software.

Anti-Virus Software

Virus infections typically come via email spam these days. With the level of spam at an all time high, it's imperative that users stay protected against these threats. Without having an inbox scanned as it is received you can find yourself with a compromised machine, Perhaps even becoming a zombie for some cyber villain.

Disk & Image Management

Having healthy disk status is conducive to a smooth running system. Keeping regular data back ups can be a lifesaver for those who maintain large amounts of information, be it media or documents. All can benefit by having software installed even if you don't have lots to save

Email Security

Having email scanned before it gets opened by anti-virus is a must. Having software designed to manage the amount of email you get, from a security stand point is becoming an increasingly popular, if not required level of protection. By using special filters you can decide what sort of emails get delivered to your inbox, thereby saving you lots of time.


A good firewall protects you two ways: it won't let hackers gain access to your network nor will it allow any malicious software access to the Net, should it get installed. By having a firewall installed you can monitor what the software installed on your system is doing. Even if it's something as innocuous as updating. Default Windows firewalls are not up to snuff

Kids Online Security Software

Two words: child predators. Every day our children are accosted in the cyber world, and all too often with disheartening results. The best way to watch your children is to have your PC out in the open. The second way is to monitor where they go, who they talk to and what they say.

System Security Suites

For those who don't want to have separate pieces of software for various tasks, these set ups have it all in one package. Usually it's anti-virus, anti-spyware, email protection, firewall and lately fraud protection. Everything gets updated at once and many of these packages have more than what I mentioned.

System Control & Miscellaneous Security

With so many applications on an average users machine, control is a must. From software which insists on starting with Windows to processes sucking up CPUs, it vital for you to decide what runs and what does not. the following software applications can assist with that control.

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