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Excellent Websites I Have Found

 Below you will find some links to websites I have found over time. Hopefully ones which you will find some useful info, I know I did.

Good site for lots of MS related info. Many more links for alot of topics. Also have forums as well.


This site is for all the internet hoaxes (i.e., Amber alerts, 'so-n-so will send you money'). I will probably send it in a link to everyone I know.  And I just know you will send it to someone you know too, won't you?

  Reference Desk

Tremendous amount of resources can be found here, and not only related to PCs either. One of the most complete sites in relation to just about anything you want to try and find.

WhatIs Website

Need to know what a specific IT definition is? Come here, need some news, come here, need to know what the area codes are for CA., come here. Loaded with all sorts of info. I use it as a good source of definitions. Most of the definitions I used in 'Definitions & Explanations' page, I got from here.

  Beta News

All things beta, and then some. Make this your first stop if your into beta apps.

  C|NET News.Com

My second stop, after checking out COU. Most of the latest breaking news can be found here first.

  Daily Rotations

From this site, you can choose from dozens of news sites to get all types of news. Preferences can be set to pick your favs.

 How Stuff Works

Great site for learning how things work, in all aspects of tech, and loads of other areas as well.

 PC Hell

This site has alot of malware removal, along with tons of viral/worm removal tools too. It has grown to keep up with the latest removal techniques for the most part.


I hit the forums occasionally, but also read the front page. And I read their magazine too. Lots of good reviews on all sorts of things, products, software applications so forth.

 Tom-Cat Solutions

This site, has the most comprehensive collection of all subjects regarding Internet security and privacy I have ever seen. Identity theft, anti spam, anti spyware, reviews, all sorts of good quality ad free apps in all kinds of topics. I was amazed at the level of information on one site. If its not here, it doesn't exist I'd nearly swear to that.


Another good site for IT definitions, news and explanations.

Eric Howe's Internet Security & Privacy Site

Excellent site with all sorts of links to good info regarding your complete privacy online, and other related issues. Eric is the developer of IE-SPYAD, Enough Is Enough and some other very impressive applications, most related to online security\privacy. He is also the driving force on the Internet behind anti-spyware testing.


Whether your question is "how do I turn my computer on?" or "how can I multiboot my PC between mandrake Linux and Windows Vista?". We have members who will answer you promptly & politely.
We specialize in Windows issues, Spyware, Malware and Virus removal, hardware problems and are willing to help in any other areas you may have problems in.