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WinXP Related Sites

 The links below are specific to XP only. Lord knows there are many out there, and I have tried to group the best within this page, if you know of another, please feel free to drop a line.

  5 Neat New Tips From MS

You know that feeling you get when your friends or family see you do something on your computer that they've never seen before?  If you haven't had this opportunity, here's where you start.


The highest quality shareware, freeware, and demos. Post specific questions, share ideas or help others with Windows based problems.

  MVPS XP Troubleshooting Page

From Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals, tons of neat XP tips, fixes and FAQs. If you can't trust this group, who can you trust?

Black Viper

This site is good for deciphering your XP services.  This site has mysteriously been taken down, with no explanation. Info regarding XP services are still available tho.
**Note: See this thread at DSLR

 Win XP Activation Changes

This page lists some information regarding what items initiate the 'reactivation' of your Win XP OS.

 Deviant Art

Another site for wallpapers, themes, skins and other things.

XP Resources

This is probably the largest MS based site available on the net, aside from MS itself. Lots of great sections, to fine tune your pc, trouble shoot and lots more.

Kelly's Korner

Good site with tons of XP tips tweaks, all downloadable or available on a CD. Very large database. Certified MS MVP.

 MS  XP Home Page

Official MS site for XP tips, home edition.

The Elder Geek

An excellent site, regarding everything XP, has a nice search feature to simplify your inquiries.

  Mark Sallow's Windows XP Resource Center 

An MS MVP site that is dedicated to step-by-step walkthroughs designed to
fix common problems and issues seen by users of Windows XP.


The goal of this site is to act as a general skin site to the community. There are hundreds of skinnable applications on the net. WinCustomize, however, strives to contain most of the very popular ones. It is also designed as an entry point for new users into the wonderful world of skinning.

Related Links

Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts 

Windows XP Support Tools 

Windows Product Activation FAQs 

Scot Finnie's 60 XP SP 2 Related Links